About us

I am a makeup artist and I was the first and the only UK Artist to be trained by Kim Kardashian's makeup artist and my sister (Sonia) was his model. Sonia is my muse (the girl in all the pictures) we are between London and Middle East.

I specialize in makeovers for Middle Eastern skin and my sister is a beauty addict that also posts her reviews.

We first started our social media page around two years ago. Our aim was to reach out to women around the world and show that you don't need a lot of expensive makeup to be glam. We started by creating celebrity looks for less. We noticed months later it got a lot of attention and we got many requests to always recreate Kardashian looks. Every time I did a Kardashian look on my sister I would always credit the original artist and of course tag Kim.

Beauty is our passion and we feel it brings all women together, we all share a passion and that's to look and feel beautiful, the feeling is priceless!

We have no other social media pages except instagram.com/soniaxfyza
For any inquiries please contact soniaxfyza@gmail.com