The last few months have been really hectic so we're really sorry for not updating. My sister and I have been meaning to post about concealers for a while. We were actually going to post on our instagram but thought it would be way better on the blog since we can post more pictures and explain a lot more in detail.

Under eye concealer took me years to master and I'm still trying new ways till this day!

As most of you may know by now that I (Fyza) am the makeup artist and my sister (Sonia) is my model/muse. I test all my techniques on her so we both can review the product together. Sonia has probably been through more concealers than I have as a makeup artist, We are both beauty junkies so we hope both our opinions will benefit a lot of you out there!

Sonia tries concealers that are more for everyday whereas I test them out for photographs since all my clients are going to be photographed at shoots or events. So here are our picks, let us know your faves  too and why :)

1. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer.
This concealer is probably my most used. It has two tones in one which allows you to mix both colors depending on how you want your under eye concealer to look. It is amazing for redness and it blends beautifully. I love how long wearing this product is and it is suitable for all skin types (yay)
I like to use this product with my fingers because the warmth of my skin helps melt the concealer and makes it easier to apply (i love using my ring finger because it doesn't tug the under eye like a brush would.)

2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer.
A drugstore concealer! yes! The price isn't the only good thing about this because the product itself does wonders! It already has a soft applicator attached which is perfect for the sensitive eye area. This product works great as a correcter for dark circles, puffiness and fine lines! I love the light weight feel of it and it's for all skin types. Everyone should try this at least once (perfect for everyday)

3. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.
Probably one of the best concealers out there. The name of this product basically speaks for itself. It's creamy, light weight, blends so well AND is creaseproof! I love a concealer that will work well with all skin tones/types and this is one of those concealers that is great for the kit and one for your own makeup bag. The coverage is buildable and it creates a soft, glowy under eye that almost looks like a blur effect of an app - so it's great for your selfies!

4. Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Concealer.
This concealer has a love-hate relationship with some people but i really like this product. I like the consistancy and a little goes a long way, again this is one of those products that works best when using your fingers. It works really well for under eye discoloration and the coverage is perfect. The shade range is good because of the undertones of the concealers, they work great as correctors because of the salmon undertone.

5. Tarte Cosmetics Colored Clay CC undereye corrector.
Tarte is one of those brands that has so many great products that have benefits for the skin too. I came across this concealer randomly, It's more of a corrector actually. It is available in two shades which is the only downside to it. Th coverage and texture is just right and works SO well for discoloration and dark circles (it even improves the appearance of skin after you use it for a while) I would usually use this under foundation.

6. MAC Select Cover Up
I like using this concealer after a correcter because it is so light in texture and it worked perfectly as a under eye highlight. I blend this concealer with a beauty blender and it melts in with the corrector. Radiant and has the 'no makeup makeup' look to it. If your afraid of the whole contour and highlight I suggest using this as a subtle highlight. I love the fact it comes in a tube :)

7. Clinique Airbrush Concealer 
Best for those girls who never have enough time to apply their makeup in the morning! It is a concealer twisting pen/ brush applicator. This concealer works best for when you want the under eye bright look if you look tired. I did notice how good it is for fine lines. The coverage is ok, it's a light weight concealer that is perfect for everyday work/school makeup.

We have chosen these concealers as our faves because we have tried and tested them. I hope you guys find the right under eye concealer because we all have different preferences and that's one of the things that was the toughest to perfect. If you have tried any of these let us know how they worked for you :)

Fyza and Sonia x
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  1. Totally agree with you! NARS & Benefits concealers are our current faves! Thank you for the post, it was great x

  2. Ah this is so helpful, thank you! I really want to try Nars Creamy Concealer and also the Maybelline Age Rewind one since I've heard so many good things about it!


  3. So glad you've mentioned the Maybelline instant rewind. I mention this to so many people and they don't take it seriously because it's a drugstore product. I absolutely love if, I use it daily - it never creases and brightens up my whole face. I use it for heavier makeup looks by building it up. I used the Nars creamy concealer for the first time over the weekend (my best friend made me try it from her makeup) and I'm in love. Just like you said it has a special effect, amazing for pictures and perfect for highlighting/contouring. Love this review, can't wait to try them all out. Thank you! Instagram: @lightupyourface

  4. The NARS concealer always been a favorite for me I set it with powder and it never creases

  5. How about motives - color perfection quads concealer?

  6. This so helpful! Thank you! Have you ever tried the Mac conceal and correct pallette? If so what are your thoughts on it!

  7. Also what loose powder would you recommend?

  8. Hi sonia im hoping u will write back , lol i love makeup i stay on the internet to find out and too see what i should buy!! For my face but im still not getting it i have tryed channel dior mac estee lauder foundaions to get that full cover but my face sinks it once the .. Second i put it on my face?!!! Omg p,ease write back what should i do

    1. Oh and i take care of my skin really good and its really smooth but i love that makeup look, but i can never get it

  9. What concealer do you use for a bridal make up? And how u use the Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer? The Laura Mercier concealer looks very cakey in me :S do you habe any tips?

  10. Laura Mercier and Maybelline are the two concealers I always reach for. I think Benefit Boing is very similar in consistency to Secret Camouflage, but LM has the edge due to the two colours. I also love Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, it covers dark circles like a dream. Love your blog!

    Kiran | www.alittlekiran.co.uk

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