BB creams - the best ones and why

BB creams were something I never understood, why would I want to use something thats not full coverage? my perception of BB creams has changed this past year. I started using them this summer and I have been hooked since and here's why...

What's BB cream?
BB cream is a blemish balm that is meant to even complexion and help blemishes fade. It is made to replace foundation, primers, serums and sunblock.

If you don't feel ready to where something light weight I recommend you use a solid concealer on imperfections before applying your BB cream. Applying a solid concealer first wont move as it dries onto the skin so when you apply your bb cream it will glide on smoothly. Best way to use BB creams is with a damp beauty sponge or hands.

My top picks

1) Dior Dream Skin
This is actually a skin cushion but I found it felt so much like a BB cream and has the same benefits. I have worn this to the gym too. love the application and the feel of it on the skin. Sheer in coverage but made to even complexion. SPF 50.

2) Garnier BB Cream
The first BB cream I tried and it was by mistake! I got this thinking it was a tinted moisturiser. I needed a new one because I had just got a spray tan. When i applied it on my face i was confused as to how it was so smooth on my face and the scent was so fresh. It gave me a mannequin-like effect (in a good poreless way) SPF 50

3) MISSHA M Perfect cover BB Cream
A bb cream i had never heard of but it changed the game for me. I was introduced to this by a client who was convincing me to switch to BB creams. She told me how she discovered this brand and she is in love with it. She always stocked up and gifted me one to try and I have not been disappointed. such a great "no make up makeup" effect that people at 7am breakfast meetings have complimented how "naturally" flawless i look in the morning, haha! Comes in a tube/pump. SPF 42

4) Guerlain METEORITES Baby Glow
The fresh scent! The BABY GLOW! The packaging! Such a lovely dewy effect, when applied with fingers it looks like your skin is FLAW-LESS! It gives a very pretty sheen to the skin so it's great for oily skin too. SPF25

5) L'oreal GG glam bronze
Not a bb cream but gives the same feeling. you get a gorgeous sun kissed jlo glow, minimizes the look of pores so it looks like you have a filter. Use with a damp sponge and your faVe concealer, it is my every day go to! Great for dry skin. SPF 25.

I highly recommend you guys ditch foundations for everyday and switch to BB creams. They are so much better and are better for your skin. Leave the full coverage for occasions, it will be a better difference too when you want to look more glam for events. SO for daily use, pick a BB cream!

F x
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