Concealer's that will give you photoshop skin!

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If you have been following us for a while you'll know how much we are into skin. Anything that makes the skin glow and look flawless we want! The advice I have been giving to women over the years hasn't changed till this day and that is - Less is more. 

Saying "less is more" usually scares women. They think I mean they should wear less when in fact I mean make it look less, like 'no makeup, makeup'. we are creating an illusion. The trick is to use LESS foundation and more concealer.

The purpose of foundation is to even your skin, not mask it. That's where we are all going wrong, adding too much. This usually ends awfully. We get clogged pores, cakey skin, oxidise and it isn't easy on the eyes.

Concealer is what's your best friend, concealer is what is meant to hide your imperfections. Foundation + Concealer are your best friend when used correctly. 

These are the best picks for us at the moment!

1. Bare Minerals bare concealer is a must have. If you haven't tried this already what are you waiting for? this multi purpose concealer has a serum and is great for under eyes and the whole face, correcting discoloration leaving you with a smooth base.

2.  Rodial Airbrush concealer - the name just says it. This creamy formula is a dream to work with, best applied with fingers and blended with a damp sponge. This is best used on areas of the face where you want to conceal and correct.

3. Maybelline Fit Me concealer won't break the bank, this product is a must have. Don't let the affordable price fool you, it works better than some high end concealers (yes I said it!) smooth, easy to blend and has great coverage.

4. We think everyone loves Nars radiant creamy concealer the moment they tried it. The shade range is AMAZING. You can use this all over the face and blend out with a blender - GUARANTEED PHOTOSHOP FINISH!

No need for filters if you master how to get the perfect base ;)

Fyza xx



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Hi everyone! Hope you're all well. Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of social media interaction from Fyza and I both. It wasn't on purpose we can assure you.

As beauty influencers/bloggers we are always involved with brands and get to try their products pre release which is great because we can tell you what we think. We have always been very honest regardless of if we buy a product or get it for free.

A few months back we were given Dior color correctors, the new range included 4 colors- Orange, Green, Purple & Yellow.
We spoke about them on snapchat and Fyza even used them a couple of times during tutorials.

After Fyza tried it she told me to try my corrector too, she was raving about the formula. So I tried the orange corrector under my foundation. A few hours later Fyza started saying how her eyes feel very itchy and she had no idea why. Later that day I told her mine feel weird too but we thought we had eaten something that we reacted to.

That wasn't the case... days go by and Fyza even snaps how her whole face swelled up from something. Fyza then said "sonia something is not right, have we used something new in our makeup routine?" that's when she thought about the corrector.

I told her no way, It can't be! She then said she will no longer use it and told me to stop.
I stopped using it from then. When i met with the Dior team i had told them about this and they assured me it can't be it and went on to say i should test it out alone. I went and used it again.

This time when I used the corrector I didn't only use it under my eyes but also blended it onto my eyelid area for the pigmentation to be covered. I really wish i hadn't! My eyes reacted SO badly I had to cancel all events, and missed out on many work opportunities. It came to a point where in the mornings my eyes were too swollen to open. They itched very bad my lashes fell out from rubbing. This is when i stopped wearing my contact lenses to see, my glasses would make my eyes worse, i was given allergy medication because eye drops weren't working.

I had to take photos of my eyes to send to the company just to ask for the ingredients in the product because I no longer had the outer packaging. My sister spoke to them directly and told them about the whole thing. We were both just told to take an allergy test on them when "we are next in London"
We never went to social media straight away as we wanted to tell them about our reaction so something could be done but nothing has.

This experience has traumatised me, my lashes are slowly growing back but being a beauty blogger that's obsessed with eye makeup, not having lashes makes me feel my worst. I'm just grateful at this point that I can see. This just goes to show bloggers and influencers don't always have it easy, anything like this could happen. I can't use any of my old eye products or even get lash extensions again because whatever it was has triggered my eyes to swell every time I use a lash serum or extensions. Eyelids became dry, flaky, skin was peeling off my lids by it self, I was shedding like a snake!

PHOTOS ATTACHED BELOW (these photos were taken 4 days after i could just about open my eyes)

Please be careful! Even now my eyes aren't the same and react to almost anything i use since. My lids are constantly dry and flakey.


Under Eye Concealing - What You're Doing Wrong

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Mastering under eye conceacler has been a challenge through out the years. For myself and clients. It took me five years to finally get what I was doing wrong. If you suffer from dark circles or have trouble creating flawless under eyes then you are in for a treat with this blog post.

Middle Eastern skin tones are more difficult to match when it comes to concealer and foundation because it tends to oxidise. This is where the colour correcting method comes in (click here for more details on colour correcting if you're confused.)

The problem with creasing under the eyes is due to product layering. I discovered this once when i randomly decided to do my base but skipped adding foundation to my under eye area. All I used was an orange corrector, added foundation to my face but avoided the eye area. This gave the corrector time to dry*

*It's important to let you corrector dry as it avoids spreading orange to the rest of your face and stops it from oxidising during the day.

Once you are done with your base start applying a concealer under your eyes, making sure you warm the concealer with your fingers THEN press gently with your ring finger- doing so helps melt the product in and lowers the chance of creasing. A great option for under eye concealer is THIS concealer (available to order in the Middle East w/ cash on delivery option, app available to download in the Middle East only.)

After adding this concealer spray a fixing spray on the under eye area, go in to blend again with fingers (this is very good for those to have dry under eyes that look cakey) Using your damp beauty blender dip it into a loose powder (great for creasing under eyes powder here

AVOID baking if you have trouble with cakey under  eyes, the corrector and warming concealer method will help you with coverage and moisture, leaving powder for long will defeat the purpose of this.

Dust of powder with a small fluffy brush, something like MAC 224 (Available here to purchase from MAC site, cash on delivery option - UAE)

On top spray your fixing spray to the powdered area only. This is what helps avoid the creases, cakeyness, oxidising, eye bags showing, tired looking eyes. It adds moisture, keeps concealer on all day and you will look refreshed through out your day.

Be sure to try this technique, I can assure you it works like magic! Don't be disheartened if you can't grasp this the first time. It takes a while to perfect, patience is key.

Love, F xo

How you can achieve my no akeup look with drugstore alternatives

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Hi guys! So recently I showed you all a step by step tutorial on how to achieve the no makeup makeup look on snap chat. A lot of you girls loved how natural it turned out. This look is a great choice for daily makeup wear because it makes you look way better at events when you use more makeup.

I have come up with some alternatives for my younger followers who have easier access to drug store brands at great prices. This look is great for school, office, brunch with your girlfriends, first date!






Cheek & Lip stain

Setting powder


Bronzer/powder contour (optional)
you can use any cool tone brown eye shadow


Blend contour with a brush

Use fingers for  cheek and lip stain

This look is super easy because you are barely using tools.

Hope you guys create this look at snap us at @soniafyza on snap!

Can't wait to see, love Fyza xo


Cosmetics and fashion storage tips

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am such a organized person, that I even like to have my makeup in its packaging if its that pretty. When it comes to storing my fave fashion pieces and cosmetics I wanted something clean and easy to work with.

Since being into fashion and makeup I would opt for organizing storages from IKEA because it was the best option in terms of value for money, how easy it was to get at a really good price. I believe that you dont have to spend so much money to get storage items such as makeup organizers and wardrobe space savers.

I used a mix of clear storage cases and other organizers such as the SKUBB collection. These clear storage cases are perfect for any vanity and I find it so easy to find the makeup Im looking for. Its clean and organized. I am hoping to help a lot of you girls with some storage tips so heres my top picks from IKEA for storing and organizing:

This is a clear 3 story organizer that doesnt take up too much space. I like to organize my bronzers, blushs and shadow palettes in this. Neat and tidy looking!

SKUBB Series
White square thats has 7 compartments, not too big and fits in drawers! I keep my packaged makeup in here and I love how flexible it is. You can fold it away too. I have two of these but IKEA has them in so many different sizes and colors too!

I hang this on my clothing rail, I like to fill it up with packaged makeup, palettes, liners, but in organized rows. Easily accessible!

Shoe Storage
I like that I can see my shoes!, I keep these under my clothing rail because its not messy, such a more convenient and tidier way to store my shoes. I prefer this to shoe racks because they dont catch dust.

I hope this post helped a lot of you guys, as you can tell I love the convenience of the pieces I have because they are easy accessible and dont make my room look cluttered. Light weight, flexible, neat and pretty looking – my kinda style.

Happy organizing – 

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